Inaugural Post - The Genesis of Super Awesome Broadway Ninjas

It all started late one night in early March (aka last week). Michelle and I, both home on spring break, had been attempting to watch Sutton Foster on Law & Order: SVU (the fact that her appearance was the impetus for watching the show speaks, I think, to our love of most things Broadway). Alas, we were an hour late, as two episodes aired back-to-back that night (I then sat through an hour of Mischa Barton attempting to employ a New York accent, trying and failing not to wince at her failure). It was at 11:28 that our fateful text conversation began, and it went (verbatim... or whatever the text equivalent of that is) like this:

Michelle: So, when Matt Doyle announces his show, we're going.

Me: We have no life. It's awesome. I approve whole-heartedly of any plans you may be concocting.

Michelle: No, but the thing is, we totally DO have a life! It's just a double life! Nothing's been officially announced yet so we have some time. I'm just thinking that now that Sarah will have her car, it's going to make things 18x easier...

Me: Truth. And I love having a double life. It's like we're secret awesome broadway ninja spies. How kickass is that?

Michelle: We can totally start a twitter. @secretawesomebroadwayninjaspies

Me: OMG that would be fantastic! And a blog, or maybe a vlog... that would be cool ;-)

Michelle: omg. Let's do it. Maybe not a twitter, haha, but definitely a blog.

Me: I'm down. I'm pretty sure we could write an hysterical, kickass blog. We have skills.

Michelle: *You still ain't got no skills* It's set, then - project for when we get back to school.

Me: Awesome. I'm stoked.

And that, dear readers, is how Super Awesome Broadway Ninjas came to be. Now, we don't pretend to be experts on the Broadway scene, or even on theater in general (we do, however, pretend to be on Broadway when we dance on stage at "Hair," but that's another matter entirely). We simply love musical theater and Broadway too much to not comment on it, especially on all the insanely awesome and/or bizarre things that occur. And we really just  thought it would be fun. So... yeah. We'll be commenting on a variety of things, from shows we've seen to shows we've regrettably (or not) seen, as well as concerts and any news concerning our fave Bway stars. Be on the lookout for more posts from us in the near future and we thank you for checking out the blog!


Anonymous said...

Love it. Keep posting.

Anonymous said...

I saw this link on Jessica Phillip's page and must say, this is an awesome idea! Sounds exactly like something my friends and I would do! very cool.

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