The second annual Tony Awards live blogging extravaganza!

Okay, so Michelle and I are so insanely behind on this blog, it's nuts. Really, I'm the one who's way behind, but whatever. Coming soon to a blog near you will be posts on the delightful How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, the somewhat confusing but nonetheless fantastic Jerusalem, and the heart-wrenching, powerful The Normal Heart. Also, a love letter to Now. Here. This. But in the meantime, we hope you enjoy our second annual Tony Awards live blog!

Michelle 7:58 pm
Eep! Almost time...

 Hillary 7:58 pm
Here's to hoping there aren't that many sound issues or that nobody gets decked by a set piece!

 Michelle 7:59 pm
Pretty sure those were both on's drinking game list for this year, haha. Also, my TV keeps shutting itself off every 10 seconds...if this keeps up imma cut a bitch.

 Hillary 7:59 pm
Are you going to be participating in any of these drinking games?

 Michelle 8:00 pm with you is too much fun.
Here we go!!!!!

 Hillary 8:00 pm
Hahaha but if you did it drunk it would be so much better!

 Michelle 8:00 pm
Welcome to the most exciting night of my life, people.

 Hillary 8:00 pm
I love NPH. Hilarious.

 Michelle 8:01 pm
Medley time!
Glee joke FTW.

 Hillary 8:01 pm
Also, yesterday Kerry Butler said Catch Me would be performing at 8:27. I enjoyed the specificity.

 Michelle 8:01 pm
Seriously! Much appreciated.
I'm loving this.

 Michelle 8:02 pm
So cool to see all the shows together. And kinda weird.

 Hillary 8:02 pm
Right? I wonder who wrote it.

 Michelle 8:02 pm
Oh yes, into the audience we go.
Gratuitous shot of Bono and the Edge...

 Hillary 8:03 pm
Can we please give out our own awards for like "Best Bitch Face" or something? I hate when the cameras focus on the losers like they're just waiting for them to be upset.

 Michelle 8:04 pm
I'm embarrased for you, Brooke Shields.

 Hillary 8:04 pm
Giving stunt-casting a bad name.

 Hillary 8:04 pm
Hahahah bleep for the win.

 Michelle 8:05 pm
Hahahahaha. I can't even express how much I love this right now.

 Hillary 8:05 pm
Spider-man jokes!

 Michelle 8:05 pm
The Broadway geek in me is dying.

 Hillary 8:05 pm
Remember last year when Spider-man was also the butt of so many Tony jokes?

 Michelle 8:05 pm
And Sean Hayes came out in the amazing. And so hilarious that it STILL hasn't opened.
Joel Grey is so freaking adorable!!

 Hillary 8:06 pm
It's just proof of how much of a hot mess it was/ still potentially is.

 Michelle 8:07 pm
Are we going to get a Tracy Morgan joke after that opening number?

 Hillary 8:07 pm
Confession: I'm not a big Alec Baldwin fan.

 Michelle 8:07 pm
Nah. Me neither. He gets kind of old after a while.

 Hillary 8:07 pm
And his beard is atrocious.

 Michelle 8:07 pm
LOL. Truth.

 Hillary 8:08 pm
Damn, this category is stacked. But I'm with you. Ellen Barkin was incredible.

 Michelle 8:08 pm
SO well-deserved.
So much.

 Hillary 8:09 pm
She's so classy.

 Michelle 8:09 pm
I want to cry right along with her.
SO well said. My only qualm with The Normal Heart was that the performances would outshine the issue, and she is totally walking that line so appropriately.

 Hillary 8:11 pm
I loved her acceptance speech. She really gets the importance of what she's doing and the power of this play. Wow.

 Hillary 8:11 pm
Also not a big fan of Matthew Broderick.

 Michelle 8:12 pm
Aw! I love him.
They're doing Brotherhood of Man, right? I don't even care. THE BEST.

 Hillary 8:12 pm
I don't know... sometimes I just feel like he's over-rated. And sometimes his hair is atrocious.
But I love this number. I'm already smiling.

 Michelle 8:12 pm
Get out of my head, I was just typing that.

 Hillary 8:13 pm
And Dan Radcliffe is so adorable and dedicated to this role. He just has so much fun up there, and it shines through in his performance.

 Michelle 8:13 pm
I have a strange fascination with the way he pronounces "benevolent."

 Hillary 8:14 pm
The choreography in this show is unbelievable.

 Michelle 8:14 pm

 Hillary 8:16 pm
I love this part. How she belts while doing that is beyond me.

 Michelle 8:16 pm
This is my favorite part...right....

 Hillary 8:16 pm
Big dance numbers are wonderful.

 Michelle 8:17 pm
Re: the belting - I have nooo idea. Crazy.
Also, smart on the part of the producers to have DanRad on first!

 Hillary 8:17 pm
Yes, keep the attention of the masses.

 Michelle 8:17 pm
We don't get to see the winner for orchestrations on the live telecast?!?!

 Hillary 8:17 pm
Not anymore.
I think Laura Benanti presented all those awards, though. I really hope she wins tonight.

 Michelle 8:19 pm
I honestly think she's a shoo-in. The bright spot in her show for sure.
And Mormon has their first win for orchestrations, I'm really pulling for Scottsboro Boys to win score. you know what's now 7 minutes away?

 Hillary 8:21 pm
Yeah, but Nikki James is apparently excellent as well. Not that we would know, since trying to get tickets for Book of Mormon is freaking impossible.

 Hillary 8:21 pm
Eeep! I hear it's like less than a minute of Live in Living Color, then Aaron introduces Norbs and they do Don't Break the Rules.
But! Jay is apparently going to be there.

 Michelle 8:21 pm
I can live with that.
Nooooo :-( I was hoping for Kander and Ebb to win one last award.

 Hillary 8:22 pm
They don't do Best Score live anymore either? The hell.
Are they actually handing out awards tonight?

 Michelle 8:22 pm
Seriously! That's maddening. The score is half the show in a musical.

 Hillary 8:22 pm
Equus jokes!

 Michelle 8:23 pm
And omg the Eqqus joke was hilarious.

 Michelle 8:24 pm
Is this from the show?

 Hillary 8:24 pm
I have no idea. But I'm enjoying it.

 Hillary 8:27 pm
That was kind of awkward.
Viola Davis looks damn fine in that dress.
This category is also stacked. I think Billy Crudup might win it, though.
Oooh! The Normal Heart is on fire. John Benjamin Hickey was wonderful.

 Hillary 8:31 pm
Aaron!!! Why is his voice so orgasmic?
And why was he once again snubbed for a nomination?

 Hillary 8:33 pm
This number is great. Norbert Leo Butz gives it his all every time.
Wooo! Work it, NLB! And aww, Michelle Federer.

Michelle 8:40 pm
....They don't present choreography live anymore either??? Do we just get to see acting and no creative awards then?
Hahaha. People playing drinking games are going to get wasted in these 30 seconds.

 Hillary 8:41 pm
Where are the creative awards? I want to see them being presented, damn it.
Oh La Bete. That was a funny one.

 Michelle 8:42 pm
Oh god please...

 Hillary 8:43 pm
Hmm... Book of Mormon, anyone?
Shocking. Not. I really don't want this to be a Book of Mormon sweep. It's not as interesting when the same people give numerous acceptance speeches.

 Michelle 8:43 pm
Ugh. I wish we'd seen it already, so we'd understand how deserved their inevitable sweep is going to be....but I'm all about sharing the wealth among as many shows as possible.

 Hillary 8:43 pm
I am enjoying that sparkly shirt, though.

 Michelle 8:44 pm
Very stylish.

 Hillary 8:44 pm
Okay, so this has to be Joel Grey and George Wolfe for The Normal Heart.

 Hillary 8:45 pm
Wow. That's another show I want to see. I'm surprised.

 Michelle 8:45 pm
And the battle between The Normal Heart and War Horse begins!

 Hillary 8:45 pm
Yeah. I was expecting The Normal Heart to win, to be honest.

 Michelle 8:45 pm
Yeah I've heard it's not the best PLAY, but the EXPERIENCE is absolutely spectacular.
War Horse, that is.
Hillary 8:47 pm
I love Don Cheadle. He's a wonderful actor. And here comes Josh Henry!

 Hillary 8:49 pm
I wish I had gotten to see The Scottsboro Boys before it closed.

 Hillary 8:52 pm
Josh Henry is immensely talented. I would love if he won for Best Actor.

Hillary 8:58 pm
I fucking love Angela Lansbury. Such a classy lady.

 Michelle 8:58 pm
Okay I'm ba-ckkkk!

 Hillary 8:59 pm
Here we go. Fingers crossed for Laura Benanti.

 Michelle 8:59 pm

 Hillary 8:59 pm

 Michelle 8:59 pm
fuck no.
Actually really, REALLY upset about that.

 Hillary 8:59 pm
I wanted Laura Benanti to win. Sad face.
I know! She was the best part of that show, and she deserved to be recognized for it.

 Michelle 9:00 pm
I'm wishing I knew more about Nikki....because crying through your speech can either come off bitchy or heartbreaking.

 Hillary 9:01 pm
I'd be hyperventilating too.

 Michelle 9:01 pm
I'm afraid she's going to walk offstage and collapse!

 Hillary 9:01 pm
I just really wish I had seen Book of Mormon so I would be able to make more educated statements about this.

 Michelle 9:01 pm
That shot of her friends sobbing in the balcony was awesome.
And yeah, same.

 Hillary 9:02 pm
But did you see how Laura Benanti just smiled and clapped and looked so happy for Nikki James? I love her.

 Michelle 9:02 pm
Yeah, she's just the classiest.

 Hillary 9:02 pm
I want to be friends with her. Or have her practice her mothering skills on me.

 Michelle 9:02 pm
Okay, if BOM's performance reveals anything that I've managed to avoid up to this point, imma be mad.

 Hillary 9:03 pm
I got the cast recording for $1.99 on Amazon today, but I don't want to listen to it until I see the show.

 Michelle 9:03 pm

 Hillary 9:03 pm
But I feel like I'm not gonna see it until like September.

 Michelle 9:04 pm
Ooorrrr we could rush for standing room.

 Hillary 9:04 pm
That too. But I've been hearing that they're selling out so completely they're not even doing standing room.

 Michelle 9:05 pm
Random, but Andrew Rannells was on the original set list for the Will Van Dyke concert we went to in January. Obviously he wasn't there, but still.

 Hillary 9:05 pm
Huh. Did not know that.

 Michelle 9:05 pm
Wow, really? I heard that people had been getting there at like, 1pm to wait until 7pm for the tickets.
This is hilarious. I'm going to hate to jump on the bandwagon when we finally see this, but I feel like I'm going to fall deeply in love with it.

 Hillary 9:06 pm
This has to be the tamest number in the show.

 Hillary 9:07 pm
That was really good.

 Michelle 9:07 pm
It didn't even feature Josh Gad!! I'm really surprised.
Yeah it was.

 Hillary 9:08 pm
Yeah, the ensemble wasn't really involved at all, was it?

 Michelle 9:08 pm
Not at ALL. I guess they're really promoting Andrew.

 Hillary 9:08 pm
And seriously, I wanted to see more of the artistic and technical awards being presented.

Michelle 9:14 pm
HA.  I totally saw that coming.

 Hillary 9:15 pm
Only slightly telegraphed. But I enjoy the incorporation of West Side Story.
I really love that they're letting NPH showcase his talents.

 Michelle 9:16 pm
The medleys are good this year!!
Now I just want NPH to sing "Goodbye."

 Hillary 9:16 pm
Get out of my head. Or, you know... they could let Aaron do it as a "sorry we snubbed you AGAIN" present.

 Michelle 9:17 pm
So apparently Bebe Neuwirth is still in the Addams Family...

 Hillary 9:18 pm
Well apparently she's leaving this month.
Get it together, Brooke Shields.

 Michelle 9:18 pm
Can we get any Scottsboro Boy love? Please?

 Hillary 9:19 pm
I would love that. But my money is on Rory O'Malley
Well damn. That's a surprise.

 Michelle 9:19 pm
Agreed. I'm shocked. I mean, he was GREAT - but I wasn't watching him thinking that he was giving an award-worthy performance, ya know?

 Michelle 9:20 pm
On a random note, we've seen every acting winner so far except for Nikki M. James.

 Hillary 9:20 pm
That's a fun stat.

 Michelle 9:20 pm
AWWW. Dan's so dapper.

 Hillary 9:20 pm
He's adorable. And so wee.

 Michelle 9:21 pm
Does this mean Jenn's performing next?!

 Hillary 9:21 pm
Oh boy, is this the Spider-man performance? Should I be scared?
I just really want to see Jenn.

 Michelle 9:21 pm
"I used to be famous for being in U2...."

 Hillary 9:21 pm
Hah. Love that they're making fun of themselves.

 Michelle 9:22 pm
Wait seriously. I thought it was opening tomorrow?!?!?!?!

 Hillary 9:22 pm
No, the 14th. Tuesday.
"All of you people?" Awkward phrasing is awkward.

 Michelle 9:22 pm
OOOH. I'm an idiot. Good for them for acknowledging the hard work it takes to succeed in the theater industry, though.

 Hillary 9:23 pm
I just want to see Jenn, dammit. Yes!

 Michelle 9:23 pm
Such an awkward intro!

 Hillary 9:23 pm
Yes, but I don't care. It's Jenn!

 Michelle 9:23 pm
AH. So talented. So young. So talented.

 Hillary 9:23 pm
Her hair. It's red. She's adorable.

 Michelle 9:24 pm
"I take the A train...".... even farther than Harlem to northern Manhattan?

 Hillary 9:24 pm
I'm glad she's getting to perform on the Tonys since she didn't get a chance to for Next to Normal.

 Hillary 9:24 pm
And she sounds fantastic.

 Michelle 9:24 pm
Actually flailing right now. This song is gorgeous. GORGEOUS.

 Hillary 9:24 pm
Why is she so amazingly talented?

 Michelle 9:24 pm
Although quite cliched...

 Hillary 9:25 pm
Whatever. She sounds so good.
But what the hell is she wearing? Erin was right. She looks like a middle-aged woman in those capris.

 Michelle 9:25 pm
Hahahahahaha. Maybe it could be PJ pants?
Ugh she sounds amazing!
Also didn't this song used to be all Jenn? Or maybe they just gave Reeve some of the lines for this performance?

 Michelle 9:26 pm
Best line ever: "There's no such thing as sorrow when there's no such thing as time."

 Hillary 9:27 pm
The applause is rather tepid. I can't help but feel some of those people are thinking "you haven't even opened yet. Why are you performing?"

 Michelle 9:27 pm
Exactly. I mean, I have the exact same reaction, except for my excitement to see Jenn.

 Hillary 9:27 pm

Hillary 9:32 pm
Jim Parsons! He was fantastic in The Normal Heart.

 Michelle 9:33 pm
I think I'm back again. This is obnoxious - sorry!
Team Normal Heart all the way.

 Hillary 9:34 pm
I really wish we'd been able to see this before it closed.

 Michelle 9:34 pm
Except when Mark Rylance is fierce.

 Hillary 9:34 pm
Good People, I mean.
Mark Rylance was phenomenal.

 Michelle 9:34 pm
I know :-( I really regret missing that one.

 Michelle 9:34 pm
That was a classic freeze-frame of Johnny. Hahaha.
I have no words for Robin Williams' beard.

 Hillary 9:35 pm
That is one hell of a beard Robin WIlliams is rocking.

 Michelle 9:35 pm

 Hillary 9:35 pm
Hahaha two great jokes in a row.
Make that three.
Ooh, I'd love some Bloody Bloody love, but I'm pretty sure Book of Mormon has this one on lockdown.

 Michelle 9:36 pm
I'd be happy with Bloody Bloody or Scottsboro...but yeah

 Hillary 9:36 pm
Not at all surprised.

 Michelle 9:36 pm
Duh. From what I've heard, their book is actually really, really strong.

 Hillary 9:36 pm

 Michelle 9:36 pm
How many do they have so far?

 Hillary 9:37 pm
Um... 5? 6?

 Michelle 9:37 pm
Book, Featured Actress, Score, Orchestrations...costume design?

 Hillary 9:37 pm
No... sound design.

 Michelle 9:38 pm
what. is. she. wearing.

 Hillary 9:38 pm
What in the hell is she wearing?
I love that we think the same things.
But that hat is fucking atrocious.

 Michelle 9:38 pm
She looks like Professor McGonegal!

 Hillary 9:38 pm
But worse.

 Michelle 9:38 pm
Like what. the. hell.

 Hillary 9:39 pm
Oh wait, is this going to involve Victoria Clark? I approve.

 Michelle 9:39 pm
It's kind of hilarious that Book of Mormon and Sister Act are in the same season.

 Hillary 9:40 pm
Hah. Yeah, two vastly different views of religion.

 Michelle 9:41 pm
Wasn't all that hot on seeing Sister Act before, but this looks like so much fun!

 Hillary 9:41 pm
Is this supposed to be the number that's replacing "Hail Holy Queen"?

 Michelle 9:41 pm
Nuns kicking ass...what could be better?
And I think so? Still wish that one was in the show though.

 Hillary 9:42 pm
It's my favorite part of the movie. But these nuns busting a move looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

 Michelle 9:42 pm
What's the mousy nun's name again?

 Hillary 9:42 pm
Uh... I don't remember.
Mary something.
And why is Memphis performing again?
 Michelle 9:44 pm
    Because the touring cast of Mamma Mia embarrassed themselves last year and was not invited back?
    (Too harsh?)
Hillary 9:46 pm
Not at all.

 Michelle 9:47 pm
So far the "Mother with the Hat" references have been pretty smooth. For those in the know, at least.

 Hillary 9:48 pm
Yeah. Did you notice they set up the shot so that you couldn't really read the name of the play in the background?

 Michelle 9:48 pm
How subtle, haha.
HAHA. I would not be upset if NPH hosted every year. He's fab.

 Hillary 9:48 pm
That is really cool.

 Michelle 9:49 pm
I was totally hoping for a Spidey joke there... if the horse was held together by glue, Spidey should take some hints!

 Hillary 9:50 pm
I thought The Normal Heart had never been on Broadway? How do they qualify revivals?

 Michelle 9:50 pm
This season is so, so strong. It's only when you see the nominees all lined up that you realize it.
They were at the Public like, 30 years ago.

 Hillary 9:50 pm
Yesssss. So happy for them.
The Normal Heart, as we've said many times, is the most powerful and important piece of theater I've ever seen.

 Michelle 9:51 pm
Absolutely and unquestionably.

 Hillary 9:51 pm
Okay, so The Public isn't Broadway, but it still counts as being enough to make a show a revival?

 Michelle 9:52 pm
I guess so? That confuses me too...gotta look into that and do some research.

 Hillary 9:52 pm
Then why wasn't Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson a revival?

 Michelle 9:52 pm
Yeah, exactly! I don't know.
Andddd crying.

 Hillary 9:53 pm
That was a beautiful speech by both Daryl Roth and Larry Kramer.

 Michelle 9:54 pm
Holy. Chad Kimball's voice is GONE.

 Hillary 9:55 pm
Yeah. That sounded way off. Montego Glover still sounds pretty good, though. Btw, EHS is offering $20 tickets for this Wednesday's show. If I'm not working, I think I'm going to go.

 Michelle 9:55 pm
Crowd participation! Woot.
Oh dude, go! It's a fun show.
And chances are that Chad will be out when you go, hahaha.
He just looks exhausted.

 Hillary 9:56 pm
Agreed. He looks tired.

 Michelle 9:56 pm
These kids are adorable though.

 Hillary 9:56 pm
I cannot wait for the Company performance.

 Michelle 9:57 pm
Woot, Priscilla won costume design! Pretty sure that was a shoo-in too but yay anyways.
    And I KNOW. A bunch of people were mad when that was announced, because of the whole give-shows-that-are-actually-running-the-chance-to-perform thing, but I mean, seriously! It's Company with a RIDICULOUS cast!

 Hillary 9:58 pm
I fucking love these Google Chrome commercials.
 Michelle 9:58 pm
    Right? Amazing. The day for change is coming.
Michelle 10:01 pm
UGH devastated that Jerusalem didn't get scenic design.

 Hillary 10:02 pm
Wow. Jerusalem didn't win for scenic design. That grass was the coolest thing ever.

 Michelle 10:02 pm
"I was like - oh - my - gods."

 Hillary 10:02 pm
Hahahaha "oh my Gods." I love Neil Patrick Harris.

 Michelle 10:02 pm

 Hillary 10:03 pm
It's a little early in the night for them to be doing Best Play, isn't it?
I thought they saved that for the end along with Best Musical.

 Michelle 10:03 pm
Seriously! There must be a ton of performances left then.

 Hillary 10:03 pm
I want Jerusalem to win. It was fantastic,
And War Horse is now definitely on my list of things to see.

 Michelle 10:04 pm
Aw. Now I'm torn, because if Mark Rylance doesn't win, Jerusalem will be shut out. But I want Joe Mantello to take the award so badly!

 Hillary 10:04 pm
Gah! Dilemmas.
Can it be a tie?

 Michelle 10:05 pm
Isn't War Horse just as difficult to get tickets to as Mormon?

 Hillary 10:05 pm
I think so. I will not be deterred.
And here comes Sutton Foster to put us all to shame with how untalented we are.

 Michelle 10:06 pm
Here comes Sutton!
She has an episode of Show People now, should watch it ;-)

 Hillary 10:06 pm
Gah. She is fantastic. And so multi-dimensional.

 Michelle 10:06 pm
This is SOOOOO late but I completely forgot to look for Jay :-(

 Hillary 10:07 pm
I couldn't really pick him out.

 Michelle 10:07 pm
And here's why Anything Goes took choreography!

 Hillary 10:08 pm
Yeah. Jesus Christ, Sutton Foster is so talented.
She makes it look so effortless.

 Michelle 10:08 pm
Smiling like an IDIOT right now.

 Hillary 10:08 pm
Seriously. It's performances like this that remind me of why I am obsessed with live theater.

 Michelle 10:10 pm
So they just tapped their ASSES off for like 20 minutes and now have to sing?!

 Hillary 10:10 pm
And yet she still hit that note like a champ.

Hillary 10:15 pm.
Oh my god, Jenn looked phenomenal on the red carpet.
There are pictures on The New York Times website.

 Michelle 10:16 pm
I haven't seen any of the red carpet stuff yet - thanks for the heads up!

 Hillary 10:16 pm

 Michelle 10:16 pm
Haha it's showing me the ad for Catch Me first. Okay then.

 Hillary 10:17 pm
Those be some theater legends right there.

 Michelle 10:17 pm
Yes m'am.

 Hillary 10:17 pm
Vanessa Redgrave is rocking that pantsuit. Love it.
I love his voice. So unique, so awesome for reading profound things like that.

 Michelle 10:18 pm
Should the day ever come, I don't think I'd be able to have a real conversation with him!

 Hillary 10:18 pm
James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave are so classy.

 Michelle 10:18 pm
It'd be like, "I'm just running out to the grocery store now, need me to get anything?" but with James Earl Jones' voice.

 Hillary 10:19 pm
Hahaha I can't even imagine it.

 Michelle 10:19 pm
So much love for La Bete!

 Hillary 10:20 pm
So excited for this.

 Michelle 10:21 pm
I would pretty much kill to see a production of Company live.

 Hillary 10:21 pm
Yeah. I want to find a theater in the city showing the recorded performance.

 Michelle 10:22 pm
Work it Patti!

 Hillary 10:22 pm
Hahaha we need to stop being the same person.

 Michelle 10:22 pm
I don't think it's possible. Hahaha.

 Hillary 10:24 pm
That was awesome.
I think Anything Goes is going to edge How to Succeed.

 Hillary 10:25 pm
Good for them

 Michelle 10:25 pm
Yeah, I expected that too. Can't WAIT to see it!

 Hillary 10:27 pm
I love how many Broadway related things are trending on twitter right now, including Sutton Foster.

 Michelle 10:28 pm
Oof. So sad.

 Hillary 10:28 pm
Ugh, the tribute part always makes me cry.

 Michelle 10:28 pm
Of course they'd play Somewhere as background music :-(

 Michelle 10:28 pm
Oh my goodness, I forgot about Shannon Tavarez.

 Hillary 10:29 pm
I know. Such a tragedy.

Michelle 10:33 pm
Tyne Daly is trending on Twitter in the US...along with Christie Brinkley and Kelsey Grammar. Hahaha.

 Hillary 10:33 pm
Sutton Foster and Larry Kramer were trending a few minutes ago.
Christie Brinkley was ridiculous. Breathe, woman!

 Michelle 10:34 pm
LOL I know. She acts in front of a camera/on stage for a living, you'd think she'd be a little more calm!

 Hillary 10:35 pm
Another one for Book of Mormon.

 Hillary 10:35 pm
And I think Nina Arianda is going to win this one.
Ooh, that's a bit of an upset, isn't it?

 Michelle 10:36 pm
Huh! I think so! Especially since Good People is closed.
Hahahaha she totally did not dress up for the occasion.

 Hillary 10:36 pm
Is she wearing a jean jacket?
What. the. fuck.

 Michelle 10:36 pm
Isn't there, like....a black tie dress code to get IN to the Tonys???

 Michelle 10:37 pm
I'm not usually one to judge things like that, but it doesn't even look like she brushed her hair!

 Hillary 10:37 pm
I just... it's a jean jacket. You know how I feel about jean jackets and denim tuxedos.

 Michelle 10:38 pm
At least she left out the jeans haha.

 Hillary 10:38 pm
Okay Sutton Foster, win another Tony.

 Michelle 10:38 pm
Sutton looks amazing!!!
So luminous.
And I think she's already crying.

 Hillary 10:39 pm
They are running over. Dan was rushing like mad.
So happy for Sutton Foster,

 Michelle 10:39 pm
Oh my GOD this is adorable.

 Hillary 10:40 pm
She totally gets what it means to be on Broadway. Love love love.

 Michelle 10:40 pm

 Hillary 10:41 pm
She is made of win.
Jk, this is going to be Priscilla. Look out for Jess Phillips.

 Michelle 10:41 pm
Yup. Koalas unite!

 Michelle 10:42 pm so lost. What is this?

 Hillary 10:42 pm
It's Raining Men

 Michelle 10:42 pm
Okay there we go, haha.
That's her!!!!!

 Hillary 10:43 pm
This show looks like so much fun.

 Michelle 10:43 pm
In one of the red suits, I think.
With the leafy green things on the top.

 Michelle 10:44 pm
No, now I think she's in the yellow dandelion thing? IDK.

 Hillary 10:44 pm
With the yellow wig? Maybe.

 Michelle 10:50 pm
Sooooo Mormon swept everything they were nominated in?

 Hillary 10:50 pm
More Book of Mormon love. So what's left? Best Actor in a Play, Best Actor in a Musical, and Best Musical?

 Michelle 10:50 pm
Yup, and only 10 minutes until 11. Whoops!

 Hillary 10:51 pm
I can't decide if I want Mark Rylance or Joe Mantello to win.

 Michelle 10:51 pm
So torn!!!

 Hillary 10:51 pm
This category was stacked too.
Yay! Happy for him. So well deserved.

 Michelle 10:51 pm
Wow. I have to say that I'm very happy with that.
Really, really happy. He's giving a gigantic performance.

 Hillary 10:52 pm
Such a physical, visceral performance.

 Michelle 10:52 pm
He's totally rambling on about nothing again, just like he did for his last acceptance speech.

 Hillary 10:52 pm
He's hysterical. I can't even.

 Michelle 10:53 pm
Oh my goodness. Rylance wins at life.
For ever and ever.

 Hillary 10:53 pm
I can't help but feel that there was some metaphor that I totally missed in that speech.

 Michelle 10:53 pm
LOL for reals.

 Hillary 10:53 pm
And she just called him George Gad.

 Michelle 10:53 pm
Oh my god so stressed over this category

 Hillary 10:54 pm

 Michelle 10:54 pm
I literally just yelled an expletive.

 Hillary 10:54 pm
I did not see that one coming, I'll be honest with you. So happy for him after everything he's been through with this show.

 Michelle 10:54 pm
He's going to cry.

 Hillary 10:54 pm
He is such a classy guy.

 Michelle 10:54 pm
Oh my goodness oh my goodness.

 Hillary 10:55 pm
I am shaking right now.

 Michelle 10:55 pm
Oh my goodness oh my goodness.

 Hillary 10:55 pm
Brian Yorkey shout out!
I am so fucking happy for him (Norbert)

 Michelle 10:56 pm
Actually in tears!!!!
I am so so so so happy for him
Michelle 10:58 pm
What a journey with this show. Unbelievable.

 Hillary 10:58 pm
Okay. Book of Mormon is obviously going to win. Let's hurry this up, Chris Rock.

 Michelle 10:59 pm
Well....if the winner of Best Musical is a surprise, the interwebs are going to BLOW UP with unhappy people.
LOL exactly.

 Hillary 11:00 pm
Hahaha I can't decide if that was rude or just awesome.

 Michelle 11:01 pm
Well, no kidding! What's their final count then?

 Hillary 11:01 pm
No surprise there. If The Scottsboro Boys had won, I would have died of happiness.
I don't know... 10, maybe?

 Michelle 11:01 pm
I was ready to throw my laptop across the room if that happened hahahahahahaha.
I'm honestly pretty happy with the results. The acting awards were well spread-out.

 Hillary 11:02 pm
Sutton Foster is trending again, btw.

 Michelle 11:02 pm
LOLLL thanking Joseph Smith.

 Hillary 11:02 pm
Hahahahahaha fantastic.

 Michelle 11:02 pm
Ending medley, perhaps?

 Hillary 11:03 pm
Apparently he's rapping. I approve.

 Hillary 11:03 pm
And one last Spider-man joke to end the night on a high note.
Did Lin write this?

 Michelle 11:04 pm
I'm honestly curious! He's probably sitting backstage somewhere haha.

 Hillary 11:04 pm
Hah. Fantastic.


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